Why Not Travel to Halifax? Day 1: Canada Bliss and Porter Escapes Adventure

Canada Bliss Signature Pom Hat and Porter Escapes

Canada Bliss and Porter Escapes, 
Halifax Adventure

Day 1 - ARRIVAL...Into Halifax We Go!

The flight was on-time and pleasurable as there were lots more free snacks and friendly staff on the Porter flight.  

Upon arriving in Halifax, we already had a full day of sight-seeing planned!

The Tour

Prior to leaving for this trip, I knew that our time would be tight so we needed to plan a way to take in as many Halifax sites as efficiently as possible. 

To maximize our time, I researched tour companies and decided on a private car tour with Halifax Titanic Historic tours.  

The company had great reviews online and had the second highest ranking on Travel Advisor for Tours of Halifax.  When I called to get more information, Paul McNeil, the owner was very hospitable, informative and accommodating. 

As planned, upon our arrival in Halifax, Paul was waiting for us.  We made a quick stop at the hotel then off we went, exploring Halifax.

Over the next four hours we heard and experienced Halifax’s history from the Great Halifax Explosion, the lost stories of the Titanic, countless explosion artifact sites, neighbourhoods, university campuses, churches, schools, picturesque coastal shores and Fishing Coves. 

Here's a glimpse of the sites:

The Clock Tower...

Through the Citadel...

Fortunate enough to catch a photo with the most pleasant guard that I've ever seen photographed at the Citadel...

The guns!...
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Pier 21

Lighthouse catching...
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Memorial Tower

Halifax Explosion Cemetery
These are just a handful of the history in Halifax. 

What a day! This is me a little bit tired, and sooo ready to eat.
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On any trip, I always look forward to the food.  The final stop of our tour brought us to Wharf Restaurant at Fisherman’s Cove where we had the very best fish and chips!  

Yum…That was well worth the wait!  Our culinary fish finale tied together the entire day’s experiences. 

You can plan your own Halifax adventure through Porter Escapes https://www.porterescapes.com/halifax-getaways.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s outing, Day 2 where we visit Downtown Halifax!

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