Choosing Work Friends Wisely

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.

Frequency often begets liking.   When it comes to workplace friendships, if you spend enough time somewhere, around the same people, you’re probably going to make friends.  So when you fall into a friendly relationship at work, try to make sure they are positive people that help enhance (not limit) your life.

When forming new social relationships at work keep in mind...

Stay away from negative people

You may find it helpful to have someone you trust that you can vent to; someone who helps you work through work problems and understands the context of the situation.

I admit, a little bit of sarcastic humor sometimes helps to lighten stressful situations.  However, stay away from people who just want to bash - bash people, bash policies, bash the weather, bash everything! - It is unproductive and that kind of negative talk also decreases your productivity.  You don’t need that kind of poison running through your head.

Be more conservative when in group social settings with workmates

If you are out as a group with work mates, don’t do or say anything that you wouldn’t mind people knowing about in your workplace.  

Chances are, someone in the party may get carried away back at the office and start sharing embarrassing moments and times they consider “good laughs”, but might be professionally embarrassing to you.  These situations can easily be described out of context and could potentially affect your professional image.

Steer clear of gossipy work mates
Before you go venting about all the things you don’t like about work, be sure you can trust the person.  A persons integrity shows signs.  Does a person say uncharitable things about people that are not in the room, with people they don’t know very well.  If so, you can assume you may one day be on the receiving end of that discussion.

When choosing people to confide in only confide in people who you have observed to show that they can keep things to themselves.  It’s even more helpful if they give wise advice as well.  These people are hard to come by.


So when forming friendships, be open but wise.

The best friends are those who show integrity in their words and action.  So take your time in discovering these people because their character can only be revealed over time, and they come in all kinds of unsuspecting shapes and sizes.

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