Why Not Travel to Halifax? Day 3, The Perfect "Inn"

Canada Bliss at The Prince George Hotel with Porter Escapes

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. 

~ Martin Buber

Why Not Travel to Halifax? Day 3, The Perfect "Inn"

After planes, cars and hoofing around Halifax, I was ready to enjoy the amenities of the fine hotel that Porter Escapes was kind enough to select, the Prince George Hotel.  All I can say is, Porter Escapes sure can pick em’!

We stayed on one of the Crown Floors at The Prince George hotel.  Here, they provide complimentary continental breakfasts in the Crown Lounge each morning.  

I had become quite familiar with this lounge as it was a great place to unwind at the end of the day with hot chocolates, lattes, moccachinos, coffees…there were so many choices!

All this, from their ultra-sleek, complimentary brewing machine.  Once we grabbed our comfort-drink-of-choice, we could plug into the available laptop workstations with full print access and wi-fi, and chill out at the cafe style tables, or lounge on an cozy armchair or sofa.

Every morning Prince George guests are also welcome to full buffet breakfasts with a chef who can whip up any omelet or special request one may have.  We took advantage of this on our final morning.  It was delicious!
The Prince George Hotel Breakfast Buffet

On the main floor, if guest need to get some work done, there is - probably the prettiest - business centre that I’ve ever seen…

Also on the main floor, there are many lovely lounging areas…
Even my Canada Bliss Dream hat decided to drink in the lounge scenery.

I’m telling you, if you need to relax, this is the place to be!

Or if it is cardio equipment, water and sauna that turns your relaxation crank, they have that too!

The only fault I could find with The Prince George hotel it that, it’s so comfortable, you may never want to leave the hotel and see Halifax. 

By the end of your stay, you’ll be feeling like royalty!  I sure did!  Can you tell?

If I could have stayed longer, I would definitely spend more time taking advantage of the amenities of The Prince George Hotel and seeking out more lobster meals but, all good things must come to an end.  However, the experiences can live on through you!

Now it’s your turn to make your own experiences.  If you are thinking of travelling to Halifax, visit Porter Escapes. They will arrange a fantastic getaway of flight, accommodations and/or attractions at a great package price!

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Why Not Travel to Halifax? Day 2, We're Heading Downtown!

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.
~ Saint Augustine

DAY 2 - Into the Hip Downtown Halifax

Isn’t it great it when you travel to a new place and there are friends or family that live there?  You acquaint with people you don’t see every day, you get local insight into things to do, find out what they do for entertainment, and where to find great food.

On Day 2 of our Halifax adventure, we headed downtown to visit friends at one of Canada Bliss’ fine retailers then check out what else downtown Halifax had going on.  

After a full day of being inside planes and cars the previous day, it was a welcome treat to breathe some fresh Atlantic air and get around on foot, or “hoof it” as my travel companion, Judie would say.  (I love the imagery of that!) 

Fortunately, our beautiful Halifax hotel provided by Porter EscapesThe Prince George was situated right downtown, atop a hill.  Being on a hill was well worth it as it made for lovely views.  Not to worry though, the hills weren’t steep, so getting back to the hotel on foot didn’t have too-noticeable an effect on our heart rates.  That’s what travel is all about -  Sometimes you’ve got to hoof it!

First stop was Barrington Street where the hippest retail store in Halifax, Canook Trading is located. 

Did you know that Halifax is a fantastic place for business? In particular for our retail partners at Canook Trading.  

I love the retail concept of this company.  It is simple and truly Canadian.  As Canook notes on their website, Canadian made clothing only accounts for 23% of the clothing bought in Canada and most Canadian marketed products are made abroad.  They bring to the forefront the interest of supporting Canadian made fashion.  Their vision is to bring quality Canadian products that are made in Canada, to the world.

This all starts with their flagship store right here in Halifax, Nova Scotia at 1669 Barrington Street.

So, while in Halifax, we saved on shipping and brought them their spring re-stock in person…

…ran through some of the new designs for the Fall.

Had some fun merchandising…

…and styling with Canook merchandiser and all-round good sport, Alexis.

After Canook, it was just about time to hunt for the perfect lobster at the waterfront. 

Needless to say, the waterfront is breathtaking.  You can find yourself sitting at a patio watching the water or taking  a ferry ride for just $2.50 to take pictures of the skyline from the boat.  

This is where you can find the night life and talented artists performing at the Lower Deck, or simply relax and have a great cocktail after a tasty meal at many other surrounding restaurants.

Our pick on this afternoon was Salty’s Restaurant.  

As we hoped, we found fresh lobster here...

...as well as many more tasty seafood selections (lobster roll and muscles) on their menu! 

Sure it was a little chilly that day, (as I always say, it's a good thing I make hats!) but the chill didn’t stop us from enjoying the boardwalk.  

Is it me? Or is there something about being near fresh water that gives you a lot of energy!

After a fantastic lunch, more exploring of downtown and a spritely jaunt back up the hill to the hotel, it was high time to enjoy some of the amenities of The Prince George.

If you're mouth already is watering for fresh, authentic seafood, book your #HalifaxBlissEscape air, accommodations and attractions today through Porter Escapes https://www.porterescapes.com/halifax-getaways. 

Read on with Day 3 - The Perfect Inn, In Halifax?

Why Not Travel to Halifax? Day 1: Canada Bliss and Porter Escapes Adventure

Canada Bliss Signature Pom Hat and Porter Escapes

Canada Bliss and Porter Escapes, 
Halifax Adventure

Day 1 - ARRIVAL...Into Halifax We Go!

The flight was on-time and pleasurable as there were lots more free snacks and friendly staff on the Porter flight.  

Upon arriving in Halifax, we already had a full day of sight-seeing planned!

The Tour

Prior to leaving for this trip, I knew that our time would be tight so we needed to plan a way to take in as many Halifax sites as efficiently as possible. 

To maximize our time, I researched tour companies and decided on a private car tour with Halifax Titanic Historic tours.  

The company had great reviews online and had the second highest ranking on Travel Advisor for Tours of Halifax.  When I called to get more information, Paul McNeil, the owner was very hospitable, informative and accommodating. 

As planned, upon our arrival in Halifax, Paul was waiting for us.  We made a quick stop at the hotel then off we went, exploring Halifax.

Over the next four hours we heard and experienced Halifax’s history from the Great Halifax Explosion, the lost stories of the Titanic, countless explosion artifact sites, neighbourhoods, university campuses, churches, schools, picturesque coastal shores and Fishing Coves. 

Here's a glimpse of the sites:

The Clock Tower...

Through the Citadel...

Fortunate enough to catch a photo with the most pleasant guard that I've ever seen photographed at the Citadel...

The guns!...
Wearing Canada Bliss Blithe cap in Olive.
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Pier 21

Lighthouse catching...
Wearing Canada Bliss Signature Pom Pom Hat in Silver.
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Memorial Tower

Halifax Explosion Cemetery
These are just a handful of the history in Halifax. 

What a day! This is me a little bit tired, and sooo ready to eat.
Wearing Nadia Lyon Art Fashion
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On any trip, I always look forward to the food.  The final stop of our tour brought us to Wharf Restaurant at Fisherman’s Cove where we had the very best fish and chips!  

Yum…That was well worth the wait!  Our culinary fish finale tied together the entire day’s experiences. 

You can plan your own Halifax adventure through Porter Escapes https://www.porterescapes.com/halifax-getaways.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s outing, Day 2 where we visit Downtown Halifax!

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