Just One Year Ago Today, I Set the Course for the Unexpected...

Do you have the courage to bring forth 
the treasures that are hidden within you?
~ E. Gilbert

Just one year ago, the following media release was published.  It was the start of a truly unexpected journey of unexplainable blessings and experiences.
This past year has been like a complete wind whirl.  I wish I took notes of all the happenings and my feelings as they were occurring, but frankly, at times, I hardly had time to shower consistently.
So, now for the few out there who may still be reading this blog and the new readers who are interested, I'm going to do my best to recap in upcoming posts the experiences from just a year ago.
It'll be a fun exercise in exploring how well (if at all), I took any of my own Simple Career Life advice.  
So, from the beginning...
December 2, 2014
Media Release
Canada’s crocheting darling selected to gift at Golden Globes
MILTON -- From clothes for her dolls to hats for the stars, a Milton-area mompreneur who has built her year-old business on a lifelong love of crocheting, is set to be the only Canadian designer featured at the 2015 Golden Globes gifting event with GBK productions.
With her handmade winter Canada Bliss hats, Karen Viloria-Miguel is truly bringing Canada to Hollywood and will be giving out her warm, funky accessories before the star-studded January 11 event that kicks off the entertainment awards season.

Viloria-Miguel - a 40-year-old mom of two young kids, who works full time in human resources for a large school board and crochets for about five hours a night to "unwind" - was contacted in August by GBK to go to the Golden Globes through her Canada Bliss website. 
She's bringing 100 hats and one assistant to Hollywood and will be the only Canadian designer featured in the Celebrity Gift Lounge for two days before the Golden Globes. There she'll be able to snap pictures with celebrities wearing the hats she gives them. And if takers include Tina Fey or Jennifer Lawrence, her day will be complete. Nominees, presenters and an array of Hollywood A-listers visit the room annually.

Viloria-Miguel's hats have already taken off in the Greater Toronto Area, where they are sold at three boutiques as well as through her website www.canada-bliss.com. Though she has a staff of three part-time crocheters now, including her mom who stitches from Florida all winter long, Viloria-Miguel started the business only after giving away countless hats to family, friends and friends of friends. She’s careful to source from Canadian companies when choosing materials for her hats.
“I always knew I wanted to run my own company. If anyone would have told me years ago that it would have involved crocheting, I would never have believed it. It’s truly a dream,” said Viloria-Miguel, who started out as a little girl making doll clothes and leg warmers, and finally launched Canada Bliss after immersing herself in her hobby during a time of stress, while her husband was going through a rare skull based tumor treatment. 
“I believe in supporting Canadian business,” she adds. Since launching Canada Bliss last December, Viloria-Miguel has sold more than 200 of her hats, made with locally-sourced, high-end, quality yarns. She's seen them on many heads, but said she'd like to see "what they look like on famous people."
Viloria-Miguel leaves for the Golden Globes this January, and has also been invited to promote her line at the 2015 pre-Oscar’s celebrity gifting event in February with GBK Productions. 
Here's to the fantastic journey thus far and the potential that lies ahead!

For interviews with Karen Viloria-Miguel contact canadabliss@gmail.com.

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CANADA BLISS Ltd. Expansion into Fair Trade of Global Handcrafted Accessories Line

CANADA BLISS Luxury Hat Company Launches Fair Trade Crowdfunding at New York Fashion Week and Toronto Film Festival
Photo Credit: Michael Miguel

September 10, 2015

Media Release

CANADA BLISS Ltd. Launches Fair Trade Production Crowdfunding Campaign at New York Fashion Week and Toronto Film Festival

MILTON – Still elated over her debut at the Golden Globes, Karen Viloria-Miguel founder of luxury hat company Canada Bliss Ltd., is heading to New York Fashion week Styling Lounge with GBK productions to rub elbows with the fashion elite and launch her Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.
With her handcrafted Canada Bliss hats in hand, Karen Viloria-Miguel is promoting her online shop www.canada-bliss.com and launching her Canada Bliss crowdfunding campaign to raise funds towards the ethical Fair Trade production of her Canada Bliss hats and accessories. 

“Canada Bliss’ core line of custom hats will always remain handmade and made in Canada.” Said Viloria-Miguel who started her business making all the hats herself while her husband was going through a rare skull based tumor treatment.   

“However, in order to expand our ready-made line and continue to meet demand with the same hand crafted artistry and detail expected from Canada Bliss, we have carefully sourced ethical Fair Trade handmade crochet production.” 

“Fair Trade contributes to the overall good of developing communities and the environment. It’s a great opportunity for Canada Bliss to give back, and support artisans globally,” Viloria-Miguel comments.

“Canada Bliss is still very new so, with the campaign we hope to cover costs of production and administration.”  The campaign offers great perks including gift certificates for discounts on Canada Bliss hats.  “This is such an exciting time for the growth of Canada Bliss!  It’ll also be a great opportunity for contributors to pick up Canada Bliss hats for the coming Fall/Winter season,” she adds.

For two days Viloria-Miguel and her assistant will meet with Fashion Week’s celebrity attendees and media, gifting Canada Bliss hats and promoting the company.  Past attendees of the exclusive event include personalities such as Viola Davis, Perez Hilton and Mark Cuban.

“New York Fashion Week is a fantastic opportunity for Canada Bliss.  We are totally pumped to promote the Canada Bliss brand.”

Viloria-Miguel leaves for New York Fashion Week on September 12th, and will also be promoting Canada Bliss at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) with What She Said Radio Channel 167. 

For retail, wholesale product or CANADA BLISS crowdfunding campaign inquires contact Karen Viloria-Miguel at info@canadablissdesigns.com 

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