6 Ways to Create a Zen Workspace

For those of us who may not have the luxury of working in in a chic arctic sanctuary.  Here are some practical methods of creating a zen workspace for yourself in your home office or corporate cubicle.



Setting the tone for your working area can affect your mood and attitude of how you approach your work at the start of each day.  Here are some simple tips that help set a peaceful and positive tone for your work area throughout the day.

Keep your area organized and tidy

Every morning when I walk into my little office, I am faced with the state of how I left it the previous night.  So knowing how important it is to get off on the right foot the next morning, I prepare for the next day at the end of each previous night. 

Set aside five minutes to tidy up your work.  Put things in their place and if possible wipe down or dust off the top of the desk.  (I keep a small Swiffer duster in my desk for this quick clean-up.  It’s also quite handy for when you have snacks at your desk and forget to use a plate.)

For papers, if you are in the middle of something, put a small post-it note on top of your nicely arranged pile to remind yourself of the next thing you must do in that project.

There is nothing nicer than seeing a tidy desk; a clean slate of space to begin manifesting your creative ideas the next day.

Have a routine of staying tidy

Occasionally I’ll look up from working at my desk to see everything from folders papers, clips, lip balm, crumbs, pens, office supplies and sticky notes sprawled everywhere. 

What I try do at least once a day is, working from the right side to left side of my desk (or whichever side you prefer) I put things in their place.  File things away that I’m not using, throw little notes out of issues or calls have been dealt with.  Toss out little pieces of materials, papers or scraps.  It takes 2 minutes but it opens up the space again for new ideas and a clear happy head.


Celebrate with Tea

Keep hydrated throughout the day.  Drink water or herbal tea regularly.  Dehydration causes lethargy.  When you feel tired, you feel less enthusiastic about the work you are doing.  By keeping hydrated, you keep your metabolism going while you work.

Choose uplifting accessories like containers, mugs and cozies to hold your beverage in.  Having quaint (but not too intrusively decorated) mugs or cup holders are a functional way to add to color and texture to your workspace without taking up a lot of surface area.

Use daylight or lamp

Like the NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp.

Seasonal affective disorder is a very real thing.  When the seasons change and sunlight is sparse, it can really affect people’s moods.

Being in a closed office space may add to the negative effects of being deprived of precious sunlight and vitamin D.  One way to ward off the effects of this is to use therapeutic light lamps.  Theoretically, it should have the same affect on ones mood as if it were a sunny day.  (Now who doesn’t like sunny days?)

Use mirrors to eliminate blind spots

This idea, I have always used in my offices.  I am easily startled by people walking up behind me.  I am no Feng Shui expert, but I’ve always employed a Feng Shui technique of using mirrors to see when people are approaching me from blind spots. 

Unfortunately, the way most cubicles and office spaces are laid out, doorways are often situation at our backs so we don’t see who is behind us.  One way to alleviate the surprise of sneak-up-on-you-visitors it to place a mirror in front or beside you.  Kind of like a rear-view mirror, so that you can inconspicuously see if people are approaching you.  (This will also save your nerves.)

This little compact on my desk is one of my favorites because it looks like you just casually left your mirror open after your last touch-up.  While it serves as your mini-rear view.  Although it’s small, if you keep it in your line of sight, you can aim it for over your shoulder so you will at least see motion of anyone coming into your area.


The easiest way to set the tone for a zen atmosphere for me is music.  When I’m plugging away at spreadsheets, planning a report or working at a project.  I play meditation music.  One of my favorite composers is Dakini Mandarava.

Meditation music helps to center me and reminds me of the peaceful feeling I have when I sit down for quiet time. It may not be meditation music for you, but choosing music that elicits positive feelings is always a great way to stay energized and motivated while working. 

Make a playlist or let the entire CD of your favorite artist run while you work away.

Hope you enjoy these zen workspace ideas.  Please share your ideas, too!  I’d love to hear them!


  1. Wow... those are gorgeous work areas! The "joy" of working in hospitals is that you can't keep clutter... but you can't keep much of anything else, either. This is seriously making me want to revamp the kids' homeschooling area and my home work area, though! (With only 1250 sf to deal with all the living and homeschooling for a family with six kids at home... soon seven, but then one leaves for college so we'll be back to six at home for a while, it can be challenging!)

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