Celebrating Snakeskin

The serpent whispered unto Eve:
"Think and feel; don't just believe."
This made the earth's foundations shake.
We are the kindred of that snake…

...We trust no level tones; we ride

The roller-coaster of our pride.

The gonads' rage, and yearning's ache

Speak through the kindred of the snake.

I don’t believe that snakeskin ever goes out of style.  The tones within the mosaic of colors the skin allow it to be paired with so many different things!  

I prefer wearing it as accent with other simple classic pieces.  Consider these inspirations:

On your legs…

On your wrists...
Around your home...

To serve...

To wear...

...and walk...

Or (my favourite)...carry...

Wear your snakeskin well!

1 comment

  1. Beautiful collection! I like the faux the best, though! Love your thoughts on job interviews, too!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


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