Lovely Hair: Flattering and Functional Alternatives to the Everyday Ponytail

Fashion is architecture: 
it is a matter of proportions.
Coco Chanel

I am probably one of the biggest over-users of every variation of the ponytail that there is.   However, occasionally I feel ambitious enough to try out a different hairstyle.  

I usually try it out on the weekends when I have more time to get used to styling it.   Then I test drive my new “do” during the week. 

There is nothing like a flattering hairstyle to make an interesting change to your silhouette.  A nice hairstyle adds dimension, texture and style to your look.

The big questions I consider when adopting a style into my hair repertoire is:


How quickly I can get the hairstyle done so my arms don’t start to get tired?  Sure, it’s probably more of an big indicator that I need to get to the gym given that my arms get tired doing my hair but this is a factor nonetheless.

Does it require hot devices?  Flat irons aren’t so tough to handle, but I find curling irons a little cumbersome.  All the wrapping and and rolling - not for me.  I tend to burn myself and nothing gets me more aggravated in the morning than hair styling injuries.  It’s bad enough I had to get out of bed.

Does it keep my hair out of my face? 
I don’t know how people let their hair hang in their face and their eyes without it annoying the heck out of them.  My vision is bad enough, the last thing I need is my  hair creating additional blind spots.

Based on these criteria, I’ve put together a little collection of beautiful hairstyle favorites that can be done with relative ease as well as tutorials on how to do these yourself.

Here are some stylish alternatives that are easy enough to do every day.

The ever popular, tuck...

Half up, half down...


Elegant twist into a offset bun...

The classic…relaxed ballerina bun...

The romance side braid...
Side braid variation into a bun...

I would love to hear which style you wear the best.

Have a stylish day!

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