Winter Weather Accessories

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
 - Victor Hugo 

We recently had a stint of pretty cold weather. Cold enough to warrant bringing out some of the winter weather wear, coats and accessories.

My children and husband were ready to go with lots of options on hand from knit to polar fleece and lined gloves and mittens. In the meantime, I rummaged around all week looking for my favourite knit hat, scarf and gloves.

I had looked for days and they were still nowhere to be found. Most of the week I managed by layering some of my thin fall scarves and wearing the hood on my fall coat. 

But from my years and years of cold weather preparation, one thing I know for sure is if that if my neck or throat gets cold, I will be sick in no time.  I need to be warm.

Since I don't need a new coat (I have a new winter coat from last year), I decided to go out and find some suitable cold weather accessories. Things that would easily transition from cold fall weather to cold winter weather. What I had in mind was probably knit or fur for the scarf and leather with insulated lining for the gloves.

In the Mood for a Little Winter Fur

In the Mood for a Little Winter Fur by simplecareerlif featuring miss selfridge

Here are some practical things to consider when cold weather wear shopping:



Knitted things will keep you warm.  Keep in mind it may even make you sweat so don’t choose anything too bulky if it isn’t that cold where you live or work.  Cable knits can tricky.  I need to try them on because they might be itchy. 



I love fur accents.  It doesn’t have to be real fur.   It can be a vest, scarf or trim on a hood or cardigan.  I find that the juxtaposition against other fabrics creates an interesting visual dimension to outfits, especially against leather.  It looks so chic against leather coats or jackets, leather pants and skirts.  Keep in mind though, fur can shed.  With colder weather, if you wear dark fabrics, shedding might stick.

Cold Weather Weekday Wear

Cold Weather Weekday Wear by simplecareerlif featuring leather coats



Leather is durable, fitted and grippy.  Fitted where a good set of gloves will stretch to the dimensions on your hands.  So when you are fumbling around your purse for something, you will be able to feel and grab things (hence, grippy) without having to take your gloves off and expose your skin to the cold.  Also, leather is so classic.  You can’t go wrong with leather.


Polar Fleece

Definitely a utility cold weather material.  It’s great for sporting activities like skiing or hiking as a layer but I find most of the designs are a little too casual for wearing as a coat or scarf for work.  Some polar fleece scarves are great for weekend or casual wear but I prefer accessories that I could wear with my winter coat to meetings and dinners.

My final decision for scarf was a cable knit scarf with fur trim and matching beret. 

The gloves I selected were adorable!  Lamb skin with a long knit cuff that had a thumb slit in them so it can be extended up my forearm for wind and draft protection OR roll down over my palms to add extra warmth when I’m driving - ingenious! 

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So in the end...

When you are shopping for cold weather accessories keep in mind trying to combine style with utility.  It’s great finding accessories that serve both purposes, but in the end I would  make warmth a priority.

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